Robert MCKEE

Letter of Recommendation for

Michael Hatch


About Robert McKee:

“Robert McKee, A Fulbright Scholar, is the most sought after screenwriting lecturer around the globe. He has
dedicated the last 30 years to educating and mentoring screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, poets, documentary makers,
producers, and directors internationally…”
“…McKee’s former students include over 60 Academy Award Winners, 200 Academy Award Nominees, 200 Emmy
Award Winners, 1000 Emmy Award Nominees, 100 WGA (Writers Guild of America) Award Winners, 250 WGA Award
Nominees, and 50 DGA (Directors Guild of America) Award Winners, 100 DGA Award Nominees.”


Text of the Letter of Recommendation: 

To Whom it May Concern,

When Michael asked me to sign his copy of STORY at my seminar in 2009, I was surprised to see my

own signature already there… from five years earlier. Turns out this was his second time taking my course,

and he thanked me for inspiring him to complete his thesaurus in the intervening years. He handed me a copy

of his book, which he then signed for me. It was a touching gesture.

Upon reading "Hatch's Order of Magnitude", I was struck by Michael's truly unique ability to combine

the linear and the creative into a genuinely useful writer's reference tool. From cover-to-cover he'd

repeatedly quantified the unquantifiable. Having not exchanged contact information, I tracked him down via

his employer shown in 'About the Author', and I asked him to meet me for lunch. Again he demonstrated his

insight by pointing out some unique implications and connections within my own book, he'd even visually

diagramed the 'flipside' of one of my storytelling tools in a way which usefully expanded on that paradigm.

I soon hired him on several projects to perform complex research and analysis to support new material

for my seminars. His work was reliably on point to my demands, and consistently contained unexpected

insights within the parameters of the project, which I otherwise wouldn't have found. Keep in mind this isn't

basic 'names and dates' research one can automate or hire out, but rather, high- level story analysis demanding

a rare combination of usually polar-opposite skills both analytical and artistic, combined with a thorough

understanding of narrative structure, into a constellation of talents seldom found altogether within one

individual human being.

While Michael was a dedicated student of my work, he never hesitated to let me know if he disagreed

when he felt that his feedback would be constructive to the projects. He also seeks out and actually applies

advice when given…he's not just a quick learner in the usual sense, but also a true sponge for wisdom.

As consistently pleased as I was with the work Michael performed for me, this letter would be incomplete

without pointing out the most important benefit Michael would bring to any organization: his unflappable moral


As I teach in my seminar, true character is only revealed under pressure, and I can state without

equivocation that in his core, Michael is a person of real moral integrity and honesty.

I eagerly recommend him.

Robert McKee

Jerry Zucker

Letter of Recommendation for

Michael hatch

About Jerry Zucker:

"Jerry G. Zucker (born March 11, 1950) is an American film producer, director, and writer known for his role in
directing comedy spoof films such as Airplane! and Top Secret!, and the Best Picture-nominated supernatural drama
film Ghost.[1]"


Text of the Letter of Recommendation:


Dear whoever is reading this,

It is with genuine enthusiasm that I write this letter to recommend Michael Hatch.

In 2006, Michael worked for me as an intern, then runner, and eventually researcher for Zucker

Productions . When I decided to launch online comedy startup "" in 2007, I

tapped Michael to report direct ly to me on day one. He started as a jack-of -all-trades (with the

title "Executive in charge of whatever Jerry wants") and was instrumental in getting the

company up and running and creating the early video content. Within months I promoted

him to producer where he thrived. During late 2008 and 2009, In our fina l push to launch a TBSFunded

pilot, Michael served as Line Producer, 1st AD, and finally Post Production Supervisor.

For nearly 3 years, Michael met every challenge put in front of him, and never hit the

ceiling. Unless of course, he was asked to.

While always open to feedback, Michael had no problem diplomatically and constructively

challenging ideas he disagreed with . More often than not, he was right. With tiny budgets and

80 hour weeks, Michael applied his drive and inventiveness to creating content with

production values way beyond our minuscule budgets. Everyone liked dealing with Michael;

whether it was an inexperienced intern, or one of our many VIP guests, his friendly but

knowledgeable approach always put everyone at ease.

While leading teams of above and below the line talent, Michael found and nurtured younger

employees that he felt showed great potential, and always led by example. He expected a high

level of performance from his teams, and always delivered. Michael is also open minded and

deeply curious; an unusual combination for someone who is frequent ly the smartest guy in the

room .

I know that Michael will make great contributions wherever he goes, and would be a great

addition to any company . I'm excited to see what he does going forward. If you have any

questions or want to chat further, I'd be more than happy to hop on the phone. Michael can provide

my phone number upon request.



Jerry Zucker

Michael Hatch





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