A laboratory for inventing new methods of structuring debate, discussion, and dialogue to understand each other better. 

First Four Episodes are UP! Here's the full set of links on the Sickypost over at This Sticky Post atop reddit.com/r/changemyview

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Experimental Rule - "Listen Only"

Like no interview you've ever heard, where the goal isn't winning, it's about full, true, total understanding of a POV. 

STATUS: Recording interviews, stay tuned for info on the release of the first batch, or if you prefer, you can alway sign up for email alerts. 

Basically, I interview someone with an opinion on any topic, and drill down for 44 minutes to get an exact understanding of where they're coming from. I outline the POV on a white board, being sure to fully elucidate it's details, while avoiding anything tricky at all, like questions designed to undermine, asking about hypothetical opposing views, or any other funny business. Episodes are currently being recorded, look for updates soon on the release of the first batch of episodes. 

Ultimately, I'd like to record two folks with totally opposite views, have them each watch their opponents, pass a test to prevent straw-manning, and then have a discussion with both together, with very involved, and intrusive moderation to make sure we're really on track toward getting down to discussing the real causes of the differences: the premises. 



Experimental Rules - "One Word"

Where one person and I discuss the history, definitional changes, and critical disagreements surrounding some of the most important words out there. Words like "should", "deserve', "faith", "knowledge", "right", "life", etc. , their meanings, and their meaning. 

STATUS: This grew out of an in-depth discussion of a recent death penalty debate we recorded of the crucial role 'deservedness' plays in that discussion...and how far reaching that power goes into other areas. Currently still recording and banking other episodes.