My first brush with reddit front page, 2012



Seasoned Digital Media Generalist. I am currently the Social Media and Youtube Certified Multi-Channel Network & Community Manager at Thunder Studios. I am a published Thesaurus Author, Writer, and jack-of-all-trades Content Creator, with broad experience in many facets of film & TV development, including coverage, casting, story analysis, and research. I am a whiteboard fanatic and 'Getting Things Done', or 'GTD' zealot. Industry players such as Jerry Zucker (Dir: Airplane!, Ghost), and Robert McKee (renowned screenwriting expert), have hired me to apply inventive and analytical methods to creative projects. For four years I was also the owner/operator of Dirt Cheap Sound Stage, a brick-and-mortar sound stage rental business in Santa Monica. I bring seasoned, grounded and well-rounded practical experience to problem-solving and project management.